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The checkout area has traditionally been difficult to manage due to the many diverse categories merchandised together in one location, essentially creating a “checkout category". Typically, the management and allocation of space falls under different departments creating an environment that makes the subsequent measurement and decision-making extremely difficult.  In addition, the manufacturer’s insight/support of the checkout area has been limited with most recommendations centering on their own category/brands.

Other challenges include:

  • Increased complexity with regards to the types of checkout lanes (regular, express and self checkout) 
  • “New fixtures vs. Pay to Stay” economics issues
  • Emergence of new segments  
  • Emergence of new technology 
  • Continued lack of best practice research, process and leadership from suppliers

As an independent third party solutions provider, we offer our retailers:

  • A process to manage the checkout as a business unit designed to optimize sales and profitability
  • Recommendations based on facts, best practices, analysis and total productivity, and not supplier placement fees 
  • An independent "category view" of the checkout rather than many category subsets built on bias of manufacturer or fixture suppliers
  • Insight for optimizing category allocation, location and assortment designed to impact total profitability
  • Fixture design services that drive total sales and profitability while remaining functional, flexible, and cost effective
  • Merchandising, testing, and evaluation services designed to understand current productivity and predict/model future results
  • Methods/ideas for tailoring fixtures by division, store size and customer base (demographics)
  • Organizational training on the economics of the checkout category and merchandising best practices

Leveraging fact based information; IMC can help retailers through all aspects of the checkout decision process and subsequent management of this highly profitable area of the store.