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For years, manufacturers have had limited insight or understanding of how merchandising decisions were made by retailers.  This fact is especially true at Checkout or Front of Store. While retailer merchandising decisions have always had a tremendous impact on business, manufacturers have traditionally had limited participation in the decision making process.

We understand the decision-making process retailers undertake when building a new checkout program.  IMC tracks the lifecycle of these programs (timing), how and why the decisions are made (process), and who the real decision makers are (key contacts).  This knowledge coupled with experience, analytical rigor and design services are the foundation of our value proposition for our manufacturer clients. Our expertise, insights, and services provide clients with a significant competitive edge. 

IMC supports sales, marketing, and brand teams to advance merchandising initiatives by:

  • Providing clients with merchandising information/insight on more than 300 grocery, mass, drug and convenience accounts in North America 
  • Providing clients with their proprietary Retailer Fixture Profiles; pictures and important information of current merchandising fixtures and programs
  • Designing and conducting appropriate tests to build new learning at checkout
  • Developing in-store merchandising solutions to drive increased off-take, sales and profitability
  • Identifying and capitalizing on immediate, in-store merchandising opportunities
  • Developing cost-effective economic models to maximize profitable merchandising solutions
  • Training management on how to compete with traditional and non-traditional market forces
  • Providing support as an industry expert on front of the store merchandising solutions
  • Creating intermediate and long range plans to improve in-store merchandising

With IMC’s help, manufacturers can offer solutions to their retail customers that encompass all relevant categories at checkout, increasing sales for both the manufacturer and retailer.